Chicken Parma                                               $25.90

Half Serve                                           $17.90

Served with chips & salad Or Potato & Veg

Chicken Schnitzel                                          $23.90

Half Serve                                           $16.90

Served with chips & salad Or Potato & Veg

Lamb Sausages                                               $17.90

Served with Sweet Potato mash, peas

& mint gravy

Salt & Pepper Squid                                      $16.90

Served with Chips & Sweet Chilli Sauce

Porterhouse (GF +)                                        $22.00

250 Gram Steak, cooked to your liking, with your choice

Of sauce – chips & salad OR potato & Veg

Cajun Chicken Burger                                               $18.90

Charcoal bun, lettuce, tomato, onion rings, ranch dressing & chips

Chicken Parma Burger                                  $17.90

In a milk bun with lettuce – served with chips

Harp Burger                                                   $18.90

Beef Patty with lettuce, tomato, cheese & BBQ sauce

Crumbed Calamari                                        $18.00

Served with Chips

Steak Sanga                                                   $15.90

With lettuce, cheese & tomato, served with Chips

Veg Patties (V)                                               $15.90

Served with Green Salad & Mushroom Sauce




Bowl of Chips & tomato sauce (V)               $8

Bowl of Rustic Wedges

& Sour Cream (V)                                          $12

Garlic Pull Apart Bread                                 $7.90

Are you a Harp Rewards Member? If not, see our friendly staff today and start receiving all the benefits of being a member – including half price meals every Tuesday night!


Pork Dumplings                                             $13.90

With oyster chilli sauce, crispy shallots & herbs

Steak & Kidney Pie                                        $17.90

With Potato mash & peas 

Devil Wings                                                    $9.00

Served with tomato relish & garlic aioli dipping sauce (6)

Chicken Schnitzel Burger                              $16.90

With lettuce, tomato, cheese on milk bun

Spaghetti Bolognaise                                                $18.90

Topped with shaved parmesan cheese

The Harp Salad (V)                                        $16.90

Rocket & baby spinach leaves, olives (black & green), cherry tomatoes, Spanish onion, Quinoa & a light lemon & olive oil dressing


Panfried Sliced Porterhouse – $7

Chicken Skewers – $6

Salt & Pepper Squid – $8

Kuro Prawns – $9

PARMA & POT – $17

Every Wednesday Lunch 12-3pm

Every Wednesday Dinner 5.30-9pm

Every Sunday Night 5.30-9pm

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