(GF) Gluten Free (GF+) May be prepared Gluten Free (V) Vegetarian
Gluten Free Menu Items Please advise our staff, when ordering, that you are ordering Gluten Free. We practice serious caution in preparing our gluten free items and do our best to ensure a gluten free product. The Harp of Erin Hotel is not a gluten free environment. In consuming our gluten free items, be aware that the same equipment is used, so traces may be found – we make every effort to ensure gluten-free. Patrons are encouraged to consider this information in light of their individual requirements and needs.
Bowl of Shoestring Fries (GF) $8
Bowl of Chips (GF) $8
Bowl of Steamed Vegetables $7
Garden Salad (V) (GF) $7
Mash Potato $8
Party Pie & Sausage Roll Platter $12
(Only available Friday & Saturday)
Bowl of Chips $8
Shoestring Fries $8
Steamed Vegetables $8
Bowl of Garden Salad $8
Rosemary Cob Loaf with Savoury Butter $8
Onion Rings $8